Only Read And Write iPad Flash Drive

By Editor / May 4, 2013 / Gadgets, Technology 888

As now days iDevices are becoming more popular than any devices. If we talk about iPad then most of the people preferred to use iPad rather than using notebook or laptop because it is a portable device and easy to carry with. People especially working in their offices sometimes need to carry out large amount of data with them and usually they keep all the files in USB flash drive. Sometimes it is too much of a hassle to transfer the data from USB to your notebook, especially when your laptop or notebook is taking too much time to boot up and when there is no SSD support. Therefore it is really a hassle in professional working environment when work deadline is lifting on your heads and you are unable to perform a quick transfer of files.

As technology is changing everyday so what if we transfer those large files into an iPad rather than transfer it to laptop or notebook?. Yes it is 100% possible with “The Only Read and Write iPad Flash Drive” which is one of the most convenient way to transfer your data. This portable iPad Flash Drive is capable to taking up 16GB of data and it is just based on Plug and Play. You may carry up the files like documents, pictures, music and video files into it. With this Flash drive you can directly transfer these files to your iOS powered devices either an iPad or iPhone (both are supported).

only read and write ipad flash

Additionally, this drive will have a free application that allows you to make a back-up of your contacts and also you can save email documents that are up-to 10MB in size. Only Read and Write iPad Flash Drive can sports more than 35 file formats that includes MS word and Excel Files, JPGs, PDFs, MP4 and MP3 files. As far as its price details are concerned then you may grab this small device for $169.95.

flash drive iphone

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