CyanogenMod Secure Messaging to Android ROMs

By Editor / June 29, 2013 / Technology 491

Text messaging is the most common habit of probably everyone who owned a cell phone. Messaging become advanced in a timely manner from normal cell phone to smartphone. As we know about iMessaging service in iOS that sends encrypted messages between identical devices just similar to that CyanogenMod brings some cool features to its users that introduced more privacy when sending messages to others. Smart mind people who are behind the popular custom O.S has announced on Tuesday that they will add up secure messaging to Android ROMs.

As we have mentioned earlier that iMessage feature encrypts the message in iOS similarly secure messaging in Android ROMs will be possible when new messaging plugin will be add up in ROM and it will allow users to send encrypted message to other CyanogenMod users.

cyanogenmod secure messaging

As described by Koush, an Android and CyanogenMod developer that; secure messaging is actually based on PGP that is a combination of (authenticity + encryption). This feature will built into the system or we can say that the plugin will built into CyanogenMod framework and third party app will get the advantage of such an amazing feature soon.

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