Gmail with the Support of HTML5 finally announced for iPad

By Editor / August 24, 2013 / Technology 183

Application announcements and developments foriPad device is a hot issue of present time and we are probably getting daily news and updates about new applications designed for iPad. Few days ago we have heard about some rivalry situation between Apple and Google, but now it looks like all issues are solved between these two biggest giants. Google Team recently announced  its experimented versions of Gmail application for iPad and  other tablet devices.

gmail with html5 support

The user interface of the application is built up on Gmail for Mobile HTML5 web application and it was released in back days for Android and iPod devices. As you can see its screenshot so it delivers a new and different Gmail interface for iPad as compare to the desktop version . It consist of 2 Panels , on left side you may see your inbox messages and you can read a full message on right side pane. It has very simple and clean interface , very easy to operate along with complete Gmail features already present in a web version.

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