Make A Passport Photo From Home

August 13, 2013

by Danish Fahim

Passport size photo sometimes become an issue when needed urgently and if suppose we have have few old ones kept as reserved so this is not suitable to forward those photos to anything official. To cover up this problem an online tool is available called IdPhoto4you, which allows you to create Passport photo with a suitable image placed in your computer. You must be careful while choosing a photo which has to be transformed into Passport Photo. The photo should be cleared and when taken you are looking straight to the camera.

passport photo from home

As you can see from the image above that this tool manages your Photo size according to the standard, as different countries have different Passport size photos , so this tool is installed with option and allows you to select between 63 counties. It also supports the angle correction so that the photo must come at right direction. This online tool is helpful for those who requires Passport Photos urgently.

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