Protect Your Personal Photos With Password

By Editor / August 3, 2013 / Technology 434

We save many of our pictures in our computer which includes some personal pictures and normal pictures. The word “personal pictures”  means not to be viewed by every one except the user itself, so there are some pictures which we don’t want that every should see and we name them as personal pictures. There are several methods by which you can protect your personal photos. The method of protecting your personal photos is now made easy with a free program called LockImage.




LockImage is a portable software which allows you to add a password to your personal pictures so that other person cannot view that photo. The working is simple, just run the program and open that particular image on it. Now save that executable image by selecting Save As under File Menu. After giving the name and selecting the file type, it will ask you to assign a password to the file. Just type the password and save it.


In order to view that protected file, just double-click on that file and it will ask you to enter the password. Simply enter the password and view your image. Once a photo is protected with this software, it cannot be converted back to the image format ,so be sure before protecting any image with this software.


This program needs no installation as it can be executed directly after downloading.

Download LockImage

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