Vopium will Convert your iPad Gadget into iPhone just for Free

By Editor / August 24, 2013 / Technology 411

Apple fans finally take over the charge on  new iPad , and it is supposed to be a best touchscreen tablet from Apple team. The great news in this era is that iPad is also able to fully supports 150,00 applications as iPhone supports already. But on other hand iPad still not capable to support video calls feature. Well we are here to discuss about Vopium for iPad’s . Therefore Vopium is a famous free of cost application which support a VoIP calls and text messaging feature has been introduced for iPad also. Vopium will surely work its best for iPad gadgets also and it will turn your iPad‘s act as iPhone. So by reading different stuffs on iPad and clearing your Inbox and writing some reports , you will also be able to make some international calls for low price and will send SMS too by using your primary or regular mobile numbers from iPad device.


Lets have a look towards some Quick Features about Vopium:-

  1. You will make free calls to Gtalk, Skype and other online users who runs Vopium .
  2. You will easily make calls for free to others who owned iPad and running Vopium while connecting on Wi-Fi.
  3. It supports multiple instant messaging feature on iPad for instance major instant messaging services like: MSN, Yahoo,Google Talk, Skype , ICQ, AIM
  4. You can easily make calls and send SMS on iPad by using your regular mobile numbers.
  5. Twitter feature also available to facilitate you about daily updates from your friends through their tweets on twitter.
  6. It will allow you to integrate your contacts on iPad.
  7. You may pay a safe mode payment from iPad or from site.

I think this is really a good service by Vopium for iPad lovers and if you are interested then DOWNLOAD VOPIUM FROM HERE

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