Better Way To Interface With a Computer Using Hand Gloves

By Editor / September 10, 2013 / Gadgets, Technology 216

The Gadgets which are used in the futuristic science fiction films are now been made into real. Those interactive hand gloves idea was used in the Tom Cruise film which was supposed to be fiction,but that fiction gadget is now being made into real which is amazing.The developers from MIT decided to use black gloves as a interface and will be functioning like a mouse. In the movie these type of gloves were used as the cursors which were seemed to be a better and easy way of interacting with the computer.

hand gloves mouse

This technology will help the users to use a pair of gloves instead of a mouse which will definitely save our time while roiling the mouse here and there and will open certain applications more fast then ordinary mouse will do. This will be direct interaction of the user with it computer and no mouse will be involved in between this interface.This future-based technology will definitely impress the people by its charming interface capability.

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