How to Share Your Photoshop Lessons With People

September 14, 2013

by Danish Fahim

Learning how to master Photoshop is always a popular thing that many students, photographer and art designers get addicted on. And there had been millions of tutorials, lessons being made for them from the day Photoshop was born. There have been many changes and advancements in technology, indicating the huge changes of teaching methods of Photoshop. Here you can get familiar with the three ways which are mostly mentioned to give Photoshop lessons.

photoshop lessons

1. Having classes of Photoshop

To join Photoshop classes is the most common and traditional way to give lessons for this program. For students, especially who major in art design or computer, it is common to have Photoshop classes during their terms. Many private schools and training organizations also open their Photoshop courses to attract people to attend the classes. This face-to-face training course gives students plenty of time to have Photoshop tutorial studied chapter by chapter and is highly welcomed in colleges. If you are a teacher or professor of art design, it is easy to apply for a Photoshop class.

2. Writing books on Photoshop

If you have no chance to hold class, writing Photoshop tutorial books is also a feasible idea. The most comparative advantage of writing books is that you can arrange your schedule for free. Many Photoshop tutorial books contain CD learning packages in which include many screencast videos of practical skills and classical cases. In addition, E-books of Photoshop tutorial also win people’s favor. By writing Photoshop E-book, you can save a lot of complicated trouble of publishing and distribution. Distribute them online so people might come by your reputation.

3. Making screencast tutorials related to Photoshop

The online tutorials made with screen recording software are one of the best ways to share your Photoshop courses. It has been proved to be the most comprehensive and effective solutions for Photoshop learning. You can record Photoshop tutorials with screen recording software with editing features by adding description, animation and narration, then contribute them to Photoshop-related forums, streaming video sites and personal blogs. By submitting useful and positive training videos, you will be highly praised for sharing Photoshop video and soon become a specialist leader. It is the time to promote your own training video and getting paid.No matter which way you choose to give Photoshop lessons, the aim turns to be one goal – to help others master this image tool and get reputation as well as traffic to your site. To get greater progress in image processing, Photoshop learners may try all the ways such as having some Photoshop classes, reading some Photoshop books, watching some Photoshop screencast tutorials, and practicing to make some images according to the cases in the books and screencast tutorials. As the rapid development of Internet and information sharing technique, the screencast tutorial will play an important role in online training video. If you want to make your own Photoshop videos, take action by using screen recording software right now.

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