Tile Up and Arrange your Opened Windows on Desktop with Tiler.

By Editor / September 10, 2013 / Technology 305

If we are working on our Pc’s and there are lots of windows are opened up on Desktop then it is obviously a hectic task for us to handle them and in result we just close all these windows. But what if a better solution will suggest?, Here we are with a great small application titled as “ Tiler ”, it will help you  to arrange or tile up any  number of opened windows on your desktop screen very quickly and in easiest way by making a single click on system tray icon of the application.


tile up window

This is not enough here but you are also able to select the layout of arrangement ( for example : Tile Horizontally or Tile Vertically). In addition with the help of this application you may also select the option (Close all Programs ) or (Keep all Programs Maximized). In conclusion this application is a portable type application and you will get full advantage of this coolest application.

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