Canon 18MP EOS 550D DSLR Camera

By Editor / October 5, 2013 / Gadgets, Technology 359

Digital Camera is one of the modernized and creative technology of digital world. As we see often different numbers of digital cams in the market, actually tells about the new era of success in multimedia technology. There are different numbers of companies exist who frequently launch their new style of digital cam to engage the people with digital world. Canon is one of the top most company in the field of Camera’s productions and once again canon has introduced its new Digital Cam which has expanded the boundaries of DSLR cameras. This lightweight Digital SLR features new technologies which we often found in professional SLR cameras. if we look towards its specifications then it includes 18MP CMOS sensor with DIGIC processor and Full HD movie recording which shoots up to 3.7 fps.

dslr canon 18mp camrea

It has 3 inches of LCD screen with the ratio of 3:2  which is outstanding with 1040 dot resolution. Additionally, first time people will see this EOS 7D is the 63-point iFCL metering system which is a fantastic feature. Moreover, it has additional new functions that includes movie crop option, Quick screen to change the exposure settings,+/-5 stops exposure compensation and UI support for Eye-Fi cards. This new DSLR will be interesting for the people especially for the tourist from which they can explore new levels of creativity. If you want to know more about it then more details can be found here

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