SkyDrive Introduced OCR Support For Extracting Text From Images

By Editor / October 2, 2013 / Technology 550

SkyDrive is one of the popular cloud storage service from Microsoft that added up various amount of features since couple of week into their service. Recently, SkyDrive has made another small but exclusive update teamed up with Bing to bring OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology into their services that will extract the texts from Images. As we have already mentioned that Microsoft is frequently adding up new features to SkyDrive and before OCR technology they have included the feature of RAW camera files along with the support of Gif’s image file type.


Along with such feature SkyDrive has already included the improved sharing functionality and improvement in rendering the files inside the  folder. With SkyDrive cloud storage service you can not only backup your files but you are capable of interacting with those stored files using different tools to edit them.  Storing an image on a cloud storage is the most common habit of  people and SkyDrive continuously improving the performance and interactivity of  image files.

OCR technology from Microsoft

If we talk about OCR technology then it is one of the smartest technology came out that extract the text from image files. It is extremely helpful for those people who are running out late and they have to note something so rather then getting late on other place take a snap of that written material and extract it by using OCR technology in SkyDrive and keep it with you in printed form. Lets think about magazines, advertisements and lots of other things that are full of written material and takes to much to a person to note those things for their references, in short if we can now say that, OCR technology is one of the biggest revolution ever in the field of multimedia.

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