Windows 8.1 Gets Smart File & SkyDrive OCR Search Indexing feature

By Editor / October 2, 2013 / Technology 554

We have earlier discuss about the latest feature of SkyDrive that brings support for OCR technology to extract the text from images. Now they have introduced another feature in which SkyDrive utilizes the Bing-powered SkyDrive OCR tool to run on the photo automatically and then display the extracted text on The extracted text from the photos will be save in photo’s metadata of your Camera Roll folder. All this process will enables you to search for your photos on your desktop that will reference to any part of the text.

smart files in skydrive

For instance if you have taken some pictures of menu of restaurant, then you can simply type the name of the restaurant on your desktop, Bing smart search feature will find out the searched term of your Camera Roll and will bring the picture of menu along with restaurant name printed on it. Simply whatever picture you will take that has text, OCR search feature will bring it up on your desktop.

microsoft skydrive feature

On other hand SkyDrive team has also talk about Smart files feature in their blog post. According to them Smart files feature was originally developed at the time of SkyDrive feature for Microsoft Windows 8.1 was being designed and they kept this reality in mind that storage needs are growing rapidly and it will out-pace the storage of hard drives on devices. But Smart files feature act like regular files and only this features will only the download the file fully from SkyDrive when it will be needed. Moreover, Smart Files enables you to keep your files with you always without consuming the bandwidth. As far as its consumption of space is concerned then Smart Files just use a 20% of the original size but it will behave identically to other files. Earlier this feature was referred as Placeholder files but now it is called as Smart Files.

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