Comparison between Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive – Which One is Better?

By Editor / December 30, 2013 / Technology 1059

The heavy weight participants that have recently entered the web warfare are Google, Microsoft and Dropbox. The question is, who is the best and who is the worst. However, from the user point of view, we are flabbergasted as which should be our ideal pick. The sources of our bewilderment are the positive features in each of these, which are quite tempting. On the other hand, the balanced presence of demerits makes us thoughtful as well. We are, thus, clueless and the battle of Google v/s Microsoft v/s Dropbox continues with an open end. However, let us try to find out a proper answer to this question.

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Microsoft and Google’s recent stance was really remarkable and they have launched services, such as SkyDrive and Google drive respectively to give Dropbox a run for money. However, Dropbox is also not a species to tolerate dejection. So, it has come up with improved services and lurkers such as Samsung, Sony and Apple. Let us take a closer look at what is the offer that each of them have for us.

Positive Features Of Services

Google Drive, the extended user end service of Google, has finally hit the market, thereby ending months of speculation. The good news that it offers us is that it comes with 5 GB free service and as much as 1TB in exchange of a nominal monthly fee. Added to this, a host of easy to operate sharing options comes as a bonus treat from Google. The Microsoft evolution, Sky Drive gets a fresh new look this time, with extended offers and novel propositions. Dropbox, joins the warfare with newly updated space for referrals along with improvisation and betterment of services and already present offers.

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Let us have a neat idea on the positive offers they are presenting.

Pricing And Storage

Now Google claims to get bigger with a tempting storage space of complementary 5GB. So, the users will get greater opportunity to store more images, documents, contents and photographs now. Those higher resolution pictures, which had been a pain to store in Google until recently, will get squeezed inside the space without any laborious effort at all! In case if you still find the free storage space insufficient for you, all you need to do is to pay more $2.49 a month to get a bonus of 235 GB space. Options for power users are 100 GB of space for a monthly rental of $4.99 and $49.99 per month for 1TB in the cloud.

Microsoft’s stance is entirely different in this respect. It has rescaled its free space from 25 GB to 7GB! So, new users have to be satisfied with only 7GB of free space. However, it is still greater than Google. The lucrative offer that Microsoft makes is that a yearly package of 20GB will be available for $10, 50 GB for $25 and 100 GB for $50.

Dropbox’s offers might sound very nominal, being only 2GB free space. But, you can increase it to 500MBs extra with Dropbox referrals. So, you will achieve 16GB of free space at the end of it. The monthly and yearly pay plans are also quite profitable. With $9.99 a month you will get 50GBs of space. Likewise, you will get 50GBs a year with $99 and 100GB for $19.99 or the same space with yearly rate of $199 only. The powers users will be offered a group plan of $795 a year for 1TB. It will be enjoyed by five users in all, with individual space worth $125 a year per user. Some of the best online cloud services also performs well.

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Sharing Options

Live document collaboration is a great feature being offered by Google Drive. A document can be worked upon with a group, while all the modifications you make will be synced back to Google Drive. The changes that you are entitled to, will also be backed by notifications pointing out the changes made in your document. You can extract out photos from Google Drive and attach them into the social networking sites and Google +.
Microsoft’s sharing looks much simpler. Sending large mail attachments will be easier with Sky Drive. An upload that you make shall only be accompanied by a web link by you to any recipient of your choice. This can be done in the form of posting in social networks or instant message.

Dropbox gives the option to share all the contents of its folder with every other Dropbox user. It will comprise of essential links to every file and folder you create. But, these will only be presented to them as readable and downloadable versions, without any permission to edit them.

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Accessibility To Desktop Features

Till recently, Google and Microsoft lacked the Drop Box like desktop features. But the steep competition in the sphere has made them launch extensions that allow easy drag and drop options for the PC and Mac users just as they do with their desktop.

Sky Drive gives an additional feature to its users by auto synchronizing all the images in the folders and making them available all other devices running on Sky Drive. Fetch functionality option also enables users to access any file from their PC, fetch and divert it to any other system they are currently working on. But installation of Sky Drive is mandatory of course.

Mobile Applications

Mobile app is another sphere in this field that keeps the competition alive. The built-in Android apps feature in Google Drive is one of them. The users can share directly downloaded, uploaded and shared documents to their Drive account. But you cannot enjoy this privilege offline. Google reports that it is working to solve this iOS issue.

Microsoft presents Windows Phone apps with sharing options with iPad and iPhone. Sky Drive meant for iOS gives the user benefit to upload, manage and share photos and services even with a third party iOS application, which sounds very interesting.

Although Dropbox still lacks a Windows gadget, its plethora of smart apps includes iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android. However, it is needless to say that Dropbox is well aware of its lacuna and will sort it out soon. New Dropbox for Android sets free backup of your photos and videos, this is truly a great way to save your moments automatically.

The inspirational approach of Dropbox is clearly visible from the footsteps of Microsoft and Google. While Google’s USP us its easy sharing and collaborating options, more storage facility and iOS apps of Sky Drive is Microsoft’s USP. Drop Box takes it share of devoted users by virtue of hi end products and services. Thus, it is best to say that which is the best is solely dependent upon the end use of the user.

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