Facebook Camera, An Instagram-Style New Camera App For iOS Devices

By Editor / December 28, 2013 / Social Media 541

Facebook is much serious about mobile’s and photos, previously we heard a cool $1 billion purchase of a popular photo sharing app called Instagram to Facebook. But what surprise came out today is, Facebook have build its own mobile photo-sharing app with same features found in Instagram. Facebook Camera app for iOS devices is just another way to share photos directly to your Facebook account. Facebook Camera app for iPhone, iPod Touch lets you upload single or multiple photos while applying tags, locations and description to your photos. The app have same Instagram styled 14 filters as well as some basic editing tools which lets you add some good details to your snaps.

facebook camera app for ios


Currently Facebook Camera is available for English-speaking countries only, but soon it will open internationally over the next few weeks, as soon as Apple can populate the App Store with it. The most likely part of the app is that Instagram won’t allow you to post multiple photos simultaneously, but thanks to Facebook developers who revamped the app and added a feature to share multiple photos at once.

facebook app

Facebook Camera app is not available on other mobile platforms such as Android, Windows Phone and blackberry but it is stated as:

While we don’t comment on future products we are carefully looking at what might make for a good Facebook photos experience across other platforms.”

As with Facebook’s other apps, it is completely free to download, you can grab and install to your iOS device right now at App Store link.


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