Windows 8 – Ultimate Experience Of Advance Operating System

By Editor / December 19, 2013 / Technology 704

Gradually development of human mind is reflected through the inventions of fire, wheel, mariner’s compass, gun powder, printing press and telephone. As all locomotives are rooted back to the invention of wheel, similarly windows vista/7 and Windows 8 are the develop form of windows 95 with certain modification meeting the demand of developing human mind. Windows 8 is a positive and striking change from versions of windows operating previously without disturbing the existing desktop of windows 7.On the contrary windows 8 is an addition of new layer of operating system which is built around information and visually driven tiles that display things like message snippets, the scripts, sports scores or photos. Though the layer is anonymous yet for our convenience we will call it metro. It is structured to be much friendly, but it exists in the pc version because Microsoft has merged its tablets and pc operating systems. The new windows are sharp with solid colors and cleaner lines which add to the vivacity of the entire desktop.

microsoft windows 8

Windows 8 is Unique for

Its visual fidelity which was missing in the previous systems. It gives uniformity to the pictures instead of displaying them as images yoked together by violence. In windows 8 automatic flow of music is like a built-in-spotify.That means you will literally be able to start up windows 8 for the first time and play free music right away. Windows 8 is inclusive of security features such as new virus and malware detectors. Windows 8 has simplified the traditional long procedure by providing a junk drawer –the one on the left hand side with the rubber bands and the stale Cheetos in it. Technique of scroll wheel instead of mouse saves you from the previous headache.

Every windows has some negative and positive features. The analysis of windows 8 below illustrates the pros and cons of the windows in question.


*Metro redesigned actually makes desktop way more pleasant.

*Two-display support is pretty solid and useful for mixing metro with desktop.

*Real gestures on windows.

*Easier recovery from system problems.

*New improved file system.
*Better integration with the cloud.

windows 8 touch compatibility


*Limited selection of metro applications in the windows store.

*Simple actions in metro applications, like searching, can be deceptively hard to complete.

*Laptop touch pads don’t make the most sense.

*The missing start menu will drive some people nuts.

*Some applications like mail seem unfinished.

*The metro start screen is awesome dash board application drawer.


If we describe it in one sentence then windows 8 is like the additional topping on a pizza of Windows 7 without disturbing its lower layers and the base loaf of windows 95.

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