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By Editor / January 3, 2014 / Technology 151

Using an iPad without best applications is just like eating food without proper food ingredients. If you really want to get benefit from what you eat then you have to add all those food ingredients that will bring taste to your food and give you energy as well. Same is the case with using iPad. If you want to enjoy using this device and make it productive for you then you have got to use different applications that are especially developed for its better performance. Here are 5 best iPad Apps that you have to use.


ipad applications


AirDisplay 1.2 For iPad

Although, this is not a free app but still it is worth of its price. If you are often distracted by keeping Twitter, Facebook and other applications on your home screen but still you can’t afford to move them from there because you have to use them very often then AirDisplay is for you. With the help of this app, you can easily create a second home screen and keep all the distracting stuff there.



This is another paid app for iPad and in fact a great one. This is great to use for business purposes and keep you organized so that you can do all the things properly on time. There are 25 built in themes that can be used by you to keep yourself organized in a better way. You will surely love using this application.


Calculator For iPad Free

Finally this is a great to use free iPad app that you must install in your device. Whenever you want to crack some numbers, you can use this calculator app and do your calculation. There is no need to keep a calculator in your bag because you have a state of the art calculator in your iPad now. Another great feature of this application is its themes. You can pay only $0.99 and get extra six themes as well.


Citrix Go To My PC

If you are away from your computer but still you want to control it then GoToMyPC is a great application to use. This has great user interface with the help of which you can enjoy using this application. Another great thing is it efficiency. You can control almost all features of your PC with the help of this application. Now, you don’t have to worry about getting access to data in your computer when you are out somewhere because this application can help you to get access to all the date that you have stored in your PC and also control it from anywhere in the world. What’s best is that it is free of cost application.


Dragon Dictation

If you are not feeling like typing your message then why don’t you dictate it to your iPad? Dragon Dictation is a great to use application with great voice transcriptions features. It can help you to write your message by dictating it easily. You can even give commands to your iPad to do different things by speaking to it.

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