Eat Less And Live Longer

January 12, 2014

by Danish Fahim

It has been known that restricting the diet of worms, flies and mice results in a significant prolongation of their life spans, Now Richard Weindruch and co-workers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US have shown that when monkeys were fed a low calories than the control group) and their life spans monitored, they tended to live significantly longer than those fed with normal diets.

eat less

The experiment was performed on 76 monkeys monitored over a twenty year period. thirty seven per cent of those served the low calorie diet were alive at the end of the monitoring period while only 13 per cent of the monkeys fed with normal diet were alive at the end of this period. the results, the first with primate, were published in the journal Science. This is the strongest evidence so far that eating less can significantly prolong human life. The secret to a longer healthier life is simple – eat less.

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