Rapid Growth Of Technology With the Invention of New Gadgets

By Editor / January 3, 2014 / Gadgets, Technology 734

What do you understand by the word ‘Technology’? Though the question seems to be simple, but while answering you need to think quite a few times. The reason is that technology encompasses a whole lot of things that can be thought of in one go. Precisely, it is that energy driving our lives and the runs in veins of the whole society.  Technology has brought in such a level of automation which has saved human effort as well as time. It has not only automated industrial but also household processes.

Penetrating into the homes the gadgets have taken the form of saviors by saving us from the daily household chores. With technology evolving to a great extent, machines can perform tasks which are unapproachable by human beings. Right from the way we work and the way we think, everything has undergone a massive change with the developments in technology. Let us have a look at the few unbelievable inventions of technology:


new gadgets and technology



Everyone admits the fact that the first news of the release of iPhone was just a hoax. But whatever be the reaction is, it is undoubtedly one of the best unbelievable gadgets that have taken everyone by surprise. The iPhone has what no one expected ever to be in a mobile phone. It has brought an upsurge in the mobile technology by introducing touch screen, application based operating system and flick-style rolling. A complete new user-interface and an extensive use of internet is what make the iPhone an ever popular product. With a new version being launched almost every year, the craze of iPhones continues to be the popular choice among consumers.


2. iPods

Besides being responsible for putting a music player into every music lover’s pocket, iPods are the sole reason for bringing the MP3 format into existence. Till now, storing a number of songs in CDs was preferred by most music lovers. But these days an MP3 album is more common than a CD and that has even increased the number of music listeners.


3. iPad

Popularly called the ‘King of Tablets’, the iPad with its simple beautiful design is not the first touch screen tablet but undoubtedly the most popular one. With the continuous increase in the number of application a user can choose from and different ways to personalize it there is no limitation to iPad and the innovations it can offer.


4. 3D HDTV

Another invention of technology that is becoming very common in most households is the 3D HDTV. The models of Philips even do not require the glasses that are mostly considered as ‘annoying’ for enjoying 3D wonders. It has also given the consumers a valid reason why they should not stick anymore to 2D television!


5. Broadband Internet

Gone are the days when people just expected images, text or an occasional embedded MIDI from any website. These days internet means high speed that gives allows people to have access over streaming music and videos. Cloud storage systems and Bit Torrent have become regular necessities for users that require more bandwidth. With the Broadband internet offering unbelievable high speed, people can watch any videos in You Tube in 10  minutes that would have taken almost an hour to buffer.

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