Top 11 Important SEO Factors To Be Considered After Google Update

January 10, 2014

by Danish Fahim

Blog owners and webmasters are continuously wondering the key factors that Google have rolled out in its latest update. Most of the low quality sites are badly effected by these updates, loosing a great amount of traffic source. The point to consider is why Google gets so means neglecting some websites as compared to others. How to get targeted keywords for your website/blog to rank on top SERP? The main important SEO points which helps your website/blog discovered by Google search bot, and many more.

If you have been effected by Google latest updates, and just wondering the answers for above question then below are some important SEO factor which i recommend to follow them all to get improvement in your listing on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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Top 11 SEO Important Factors

SEO Factor #1: Your targeted keyword in beginning of the title.

Although many of us use the keyword in title tag, but making its position in the beginning of the title tag is beneficial.


SEO Factor #2: Your external link must use keyword as anchor text.

In link building and use your keyword as and anchor text which will relatively increase in-bound link from other domain, another essential part of an SEO.


SEO Factor #3: Domain authority.

Google also focuses on your domain authority and built the same strong presence for your article in search engines as compared to others.


SEO Factor #4: Pure, unique and high quality content.

The key to success after the update is to write genuine article, proper and complete information so that people can enjoy and recommend others too. I know it is difficult but before starting your article make a thorough research about it, try to collect its stats and in the end you will have a complete informative content believe me!!


SEO Factor #5: Keyword in domain.

Most of the sites often rank well because of the keyword within their domain name. Don’t worry if you have your domain doesn’t look like that you can apply different SEO strategies to rank your website/blog for particular keyword.


SEO Factor #6: External links as a voting factor.

Every link that is point towards your domain is like a vote. The more links pointing you the more chance to get popular on search engines.


SEO Factor #7: Keyword in H1 tag of content.

Try to use the keyword in H1 tag of the content. Do remember all the points related to your keywords, the beginning of title is also the factor.


SEO Factor #8: Links from popular social websites.

The recent Google update confirms that search engine will now pay more attention when they see you content is also being liked on social websites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Reddit and other. The more votes the more weightage of your content.


SEO Factor #9: Outbound links as keyword anchor text.

In your content to try to link authorities websites when they come in action. For example if you are writing about Nokia N9 phone you must link ‘Nokia N9’ keyword to Nokia website’s particular page.


SEO Factor #10: Keyword in more H2, H3 tags, bold italic.

Although this is not very useful as compared to H1 tag, but if you use them then no problem. Similarly bold and italic on your keyword is also recommended.


SEO Factor #11: Keyword as alt tag in image.

While using image in your content try to create and alt tag for the image and target the keyword there, this is again the best practice to target your keyword through image searches. There might be more tips that i have missed, but all these factors are top most, use them and you would find a real impact from the update. Do share your experience related to SEO strategies via commenting below.

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Jan March 4, 2014 at 2:45 pm

You should always have pure, unique and high quality content.
But the other stuff is also important of course.



Danish March 6, 2014 at 8:32 pm

Yes Jan !!! you are true , because content is the king and rest of the things comes after this


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